Le Picnic
09 January 2018
By Ronda Carman
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Author Suzy Ashford's book La Picnic has me thinking about outdoor dining and warm weather in spite of this cold spell. The self-taught chef and food writer reimagines outdoor lunching in this brilliant little book. Rather than an unexciting sandwich or a flask of tea, why not pack a bacon-and-leek quiche or cherry-tomato tartlets for your next outing? And there is no need to wait for summer; these recipes are perfect for the dinner table too

Tomorrow I will share with you Suzy’s recipe for Witlof, Blue Cheese & Pear Salad.

Le Picnic presents fifty perfectly transportable recipes:
More Substantial Fare
Zesty Salads
Delicate Sweet Treats


...And since we’re putting so much effort into getting the menu just right, let’s think beyond plastic cutlery, paper plates and cheap napkins. - Suzy Ashford