"Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot." Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

According to research done by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute, more than 85% of job success is based on social skills, your personal conduct and the ability to put others at ease. Do your employees and executives possess the skills and business etiquette knowledge to best represent your company in today’s global world?

Knowing the rules of proper business etiquette and protocol is essential, and is often overlooked or misunderstood. One small misstep could jeopardize your business relationships.

Our Business Etiquette Classes are perfect for summer associate programs, team building, and ongoing training.

Learn Over Lunch

Learn corporate protocol and dining etiquette. Our two hour training program is taught over lunch. All classes are taught by founder Ronda Carman.

*catering organized by your company

For more information email Ronda - ronda@rondacarman.com

The Decorum Institute is headquartered in Houston, Texas and serves clients locally, nationally and internationally. All business etiquette course are taught by Ronda Carman.